Golden Cage

Key:    D

||:  1   1   1   1
     1   1   1   1
     4   4   4   4
     1   1   1   1  :||

V1: Like a bird in a golden cage
    Beating the bars in a useless rage
    But I'm never going to be set free
    Never be what I want to be
    Here I sit nevermore to fly
    Never to soar through the open sky
    Feeling my wings grow slack with age
    Like a bird in a golden cage

V2: Do you know why the caged bird sings
    Sitting all alone with her hobbled wings?
    Lonely grief leaves her no choice
    To the sky will rise her voice
    Like a bird I in sorrow weep
    Still one weary hope I keep
    That tomorrow's turning page
    May set me free of this golden cage

V3: Here I sit staring at the sky
    My belly is full and I'm warm and dry
    Still another hunger chills my soul
    Freedom is my despairing goal
    I don't know what each day may bring
    All I can do is sit and sing
    Sad and weary and filled with rage
    Like a bird in a golden cage

Copyright © 2007 by Barb Diederich